Housing Preservation

The Housing Preservation practice is designed to protect families from illegal evictions, including eviction after foreclosure; substandard housing conditions; and wrongful denials of housing subsidies.  The practice also works to preserve and expand affordable housing and protect families from foreclosure rescue scams.

BayLegal serves as the Bay Area’s leading provider of legal aid to individuals facing discrimination in housing. BayLegal’s commitment to enforcing federal fair housing laws is at the center of the practice. BayLegal represents people discriminated against in housing on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, family status or other protected class.  Click Here to Learn More About Fair Housing

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What we do for individuals and families:

Each year BayLegal helps low-income people obtain or remain in safe, affordable housing.

We provide legal assistance in the following housing law-related areas:

  • Public, subsidized (including Section 8 and other HUD subsidized projects) and private housing
  • Fair housing and housing discrimination
  • Housing conditions
  • Rent control
  • Eviction defense
  • Lock-outs and utility shut-offs
  • Residential hotels
  • Training advocates and community organizations

Please call our Legal Advice Line if you are experiencing a housing problem and need legal help.

For more housing resources, please click here.

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